In Our Time: The Druids

A well-researched, thoughtful, and near-neutral podcast on the origins and history of druids, “aired” yesterday and is available on iTunes.

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Druids, the priests of ancient Europe. Active in Ireland, Britain and Gaul, the Druids were first written about by Roman authors including Julius Caesar and Pliny. They were suspected of leading resistance to the Romans, a fact which led to their eradication from ancient Britain. In the early modern era, however, interest in the Druids revived, and later writers reinvented their activities. Melvyn Bragg is joined by Barry Cunliffe, Emeritus Professor of Archaeology at the University of Oxford; Miranda Aldhouse-Green, Professor of Archaeology at Cardiff University and Justin Champion, Professor of the History of Early Modern Ideas at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Conversations from a Mixed Household

My husband and I are working through the ongoing process of balancing a ‘mixed marriage’ lifestyle. It’s something I’d like to write about extensively, and I’m tentatively planning on pitching an article to a ‘real’ publication. That said, I’m not an expert, but I am very lucky to have a supportive spouse. Most of our arguments are touched with humor. The following is an excerpt from a real Google Chat conversation…

so, but we’re agreed that we tell the children nothing of your heathen ways and raise them as rigid secular humanists?

what’s a rigid secular humanist?
and what if they want to celebrate yule and imbolc?
imbolc is fun, you leave stuff outside to get blessed, and then you eat bread and butter. or cheese.

you’re going to raise them to believe in fairies aren’t you

“if you don’t clean your room, the bad fairies will live in it and hide your toys! bad fairies love a messy room!”

you get to field the 2am ‘The bad faries are trying to steal my liver’ or whatever then



There you have it. All things are possible, with just a little laughter.

Happy Lughnasadh

I’m celebrating today with a trip to the gym, a trip to the fair, some harvesting work in my garden, and a summery feast of homemade black bean burgers, corn bread, summery salads, and zucchini bread for dessert. Yummy.

garden goodies

Heirloom brandywine tomatoes, yellow cherry tomatoes, and inexplicably tiny sweet peppers.



Nom. Happy harvesting, everyone.

I’m a-Goin’ to Summer Camp!

Well, sort of. I’m really going to Summerland, the ADF gathering in Yellow Springs, OH, August 16-19.

This is my first ADF gathering… and, well, my first pagan gathering of any kind! Needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited. And also a little nervous.

Why nervous? Well, my husband can’t attend and there’s a fair chance no one else from my grove will be able to make it, so I won’t know anyone there but the priest who performed my wedding. And I’m… shy. Part of why I never actually went to summer camp (except Girl Scout Camp and one heinously boring stint at vacation bible school) is that I get really nervous and timid in a crowd of strangers.


Anyone I know from blog-land going to Summerland?

If so, can I pitch my tent by yours?


I promise, I’ll get back to writing about the Dedicant Path and/or household magic soon. In the meantime, here’s a photo taken just after our handfasting!


That’s Rev. Michael Dangler performing the ceremony. Oh, and that’s me in the white dress.

We were worried about rain all day, and it was disgustingly hot (Notice how my hair is no longer curly? We did all the photos pre-ceremony, and I had sweat dripping from the ends of my hair by the end of the ceremony: Yuck.), but the sun started shining on us and the mockingbirds started singing from the tree just after we said our vows. I heard them, but thought they must’ve been singing for awhile and I only heard them in a brief pause (was in rather a daze), but I’ve been told by several people—Druids and non-Druids alike!—that they started singing just before the end of the ceremony.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.