I’m going to need more candles…

Last week, eager to begin the Dedicant Path before I even received my welcome packet, I rushed out and bought some white votive candles and three holders,  a little bowl for my well, and a little table to use for my altar. I chose two wands to be my tree and even stripped the bark off a nice little aspen branch.

Then I started looking at images of other people’s altars and descriptions of rituals. And realized, yes, I am going to need more candles.

I realize it’s not all about the trappings, but I want to do this right. The altar is a personal proclamation of piety, and I take that seriously. I attempted my first little ritual last night, the first Druidic Working included in the DP Manual, a simple blessing and an affirmation of my presence on the path, as the book says. It did not go well. I spilled my water, drank to the Holy Powers in the wrong order, and couldn’t concentrate… and I was reading the script off my laptop. I had too much water in my cup, and had to gulp for about 45 seconds to finish it all. If it had been about the trappings, I would have felt pretty bad about myself after this attempt.

With a little encouragement from my fiancé, I tried it again, with better success. This time, I went slowly, and just let the experience wash over and fill me. I expected to feel serene at the end, but somehow, I felt excited.

I think I’m on the path home.


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