Solitary Yule

I celebrated the Solstice by my lonesome today. It was my first High Day celebration and my first full ADF rite, and, to build up the pressure even more, I conducted my first oath (not the required Dedicant oath) during the rite.

It wasn’t fantastic, but it was pretty okay. Everything went smoothly — except when I realized I’d forgotten a tarot deck for taking an omen and when I had to smoosh the slice of orange I’d brought as offering for Sulis into the cup I use for offerings — and I felt good about the whole process.

I stole a Solitary Yule rite from Rev. Michael Dangler and worked the first oath into it after the return flow. The two went nicely together, I thought, partly because Yule/Christmas has always been a special holiday for me and partly because the energy of a full High Day rite added a little more weight to the first oath.

I haven’t clearly coalesced my thoughts into any solid conclusions, so I think for now I’ll just list a few observations.

  • I love tarot, but it just doesn’t seem to ‘gel’ that well with the ADF rite. At least not for me.
  • I think I might actually enjoy writing my own rites, which I wouldn’t have expected. But there was a distance between me and the words I spoke, and I think speaking my own words would solve that pretty easily
  • I need to work on memorization. Reading from a script is just… well… reading from a script.
  • My altar space doesn’t feel like home to me yet. It feels like a start, but it’s definitely incomplete.

Omens (taken as suggested for first oath):

  • Ancestors: The Star. Hope, inspiration, and serenity.
  • Nature Spirits: Three of Wands. Foresight, exploration, and a journey.
  • Deities: Seven of Cups. Dreams, fantasies, and wishes. (This one needs some thought.)

The lunar eclipse last night was stunning, and felt like another good omen.

That’s it for now. Happy Solstice and Yule, and more thoughts on the High Day will come soon.


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