Meditation Week 2

Well, I managed to meditate every day, and it went really well. I think it’s helping me learn to ‘let go’ of thoughts I’ve fixated on, negative and positive. As a semi-neurotic personality, I tend to get fixated on things, especially negative things like student loan payments and the troubles I’m having with a given scene. Still, the practice is helping, especially the exercise in the DP manual that suggests I imagine my thoughts as points of light and ‘extinguish’ them when I become fixated.

Two days, I practiced meditating without the audio guide, and it went quite well. To my surprise,  my ‘happy place’ turned out to be a sunny meadow filled with flowers and birds. The dark woods I would’ve expected are within sight, but as I’m meditating, I’m lying on the grass with the sun on my face. Very nice.

My goal for the coming week is to continue meditating daily, but this week I’d like to add a devotional on two days. We’ll see how it goes.


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