Meditation Week 3

Late, late, late. I try to do these on Sunday, but I’ve been sick, so… well, there you go.

My meditation suffered last week. I was working flat out to get the first half of my book done before 2011 started, and that pretty much occupied my every waking thought. (Aren’t excuses grand?) It was pretty much impossible to set aside, even for meditation, which I know does me good. Even now it’s still effecting my meditation. I couldn’t sleep last night for obsessing about the book.

So, this week’s goal, in addition to continuing the daily meditation, is to learn to set aside writing thoughts while meditating. This will be very challenging, but if I try to live and breathe and think the book every minute, I’ll burn out. I need to learn to put it aside, to get some distance. This will help with my sanity and — on a practical level — with the editing process.

Now, back to work on the first scene of part two…


One thought on “Meditation Week 3

  1. Meditation is an interesting challenge for creative writers, I think.

    Our workplace is, quite literally, our imagination. As it turns out, our imagination is also what we engage when we mediate. So how do we tell our mind that certain imaginative work is acceptable (i.e., seeing yourself in a sacred place, looking for signs of the Kindred, etc.), but others (i.e., creating plot, unpacking narrative, developing character, or the stuff that informs all of those processes) are not?

    Today, I had to scale back. When I found I couldn’t still my mind to the point of being able to experience the landscape where I travel to in my meditation, I tried simply to “extinguish the thoughts” like candles. That alone was work. I did the best I could do, and tried not to beat myself up over it.

    I think you’ve set a great goal. Being able to experience the mystery and majesty of your imagination *outside* of your work – that will only serve to make you a better writer and a more grounded Druid-in-training!


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