Meditation Week 4

On time this week! So that’s good.

I’ve gotten away from using the MP3 guided Two Powers Meditation, another good thing. The guide was a crutch that helped me in the beginning, but now I’m becoming practiced enough to do without.

What else? I did the “Parting the Mists” meditation for the first time, which honestly deserves more attention than I’m going to give it tonight. In short, I found it quite effective. Picturing the two powers actually meeting and interacting was a powerful experience, and ‘passing’ the mists allowed me to interact with my patron.

Stupid question: If your patron is a Gatekeeper, who do you use as Gatekeeper in a ritual? Does your patron do double duty for you? What if your hearth culture has few Gatekeeper options? This may be a question for the discussion lists.

So. I guess that’s that. I’m extending the goal of putting writing aside while meditating, because that’s been effective for me.


2 thoughts on “Meditation Week 4

  1. First, it’s great to hear that your meditation is going well. I haven’t begun working with the guided mediations – I’ve been focussing more on a solid, daily devotional ritual – but your post intrigues me. Perhaps I’ll start on that soon!

    I don’t think your question is stupid. I think it’s totally valid, and probably a great question to post on the discussion lists. My first though (and I don’t purport to be an expert on the subject) is that you would be quite fortunate to have a Gatekeeper as your patron. You are called into a deep relationship with your patron, and to have that relationship be with one who is the initiator of a mystical, magical opening moments of your personal (or, perhaps eventually public) ritual — that would be amazing. Perhaps your being called into this kind of relationship with a Gatekeeper is a sign that you will also be called into a deeper and more profound experience of ritual.

    Does that resonate with you?

  2. That absolutely resonates with me, and I’m so grateful that you shared this thought. It had seemed presumptuous or something, asking my patron to be my Gatekeeper in addition to just generally looking out for me, but I love this idea that the added layer of our relationship will deepen it and will deepen my connection to rituals. What a wonderful thought. Thank you so much, Teo. 🙂

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