Druids in Urban Fantasy

It’s been pretty serious around here lately, so I thought it might be time to shake things up with a fun book recommendation.

It’s Connor Grey, urban fantasy druid, living in Boston and scraping his living as a police consultant while he tries to regain his lost druidic powers.

This four-book (so far) series is pretty entertaining: your typical private investigator urban fantasy book, but with a fun setting and the druid main character twist. The second book, Unquiet Dreams, deals with Connor’s grove and his druidry a bit more than the others.

I won’t go into full, detailed review-mode here, but I do enjoy the interracial politics in these books: fairy versus elf, otherworldly versus human. The fourth book ends on quite a cliff-hanger, and the fifth comes out in April. I also enjoy that the books balance action-packed “boy book” aspects with a more gender-neutral political aspect.

So, if you like to see druids in fiction, and you’re up for trying a lesser-known urban fantasy writer (as opposed to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files or Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series), Connor Grey is a pretty good read.


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