Two Powers Exploration (Part One)

I say part one because my understanding of the two powers will probably evolve over the year(s). However, I set out this week to contemplate what the two powers are and how they fit into my daily life, and I’ve been mulling over this explanation for several days.

This quote from Rev. Michael Dangler in answer to someone else’s questions about the two powers spoke to me, and it’ll help me articulate my own practical understanding:

My own favorite theory is that the Two Powers aren’t really about “two” Powers at all: there is clearly a “third” power in the mix by the end of the meditation. The main two are, of course, the chaotic and changing power of the earth that wells up like water from a spring; and the bright and ordering sky power that shines down from above like fire from heaven. The Earth Power and the Sky Power are the titular “Two Powers,” but they combine, by the nature of our work and magic that brings them together, into something different, useful, and frankly magical.

In a mundane function, the two powers operate every day in my creative work: writing. (Naturally I look at everything through this lens.) The chaotic earth power is the mental vision and “feel” of a scene before I begin to actually write it: it’s the atmosphere and the bits of conversation that I experience in my head. The ordering sky power is the power of composition, of outlining, and of translating that raw feeling into a scene that other people can experience.

That leaves the “third power,” the result of the combination of the two… Is it the final written, polished scene or the magical, imaginative work that I do in creating the final product? I’m not quite sure of the answer to that one, but I believe I’m getting there.


2 thoughts on “Two Powers Exploration (Part One)

  1. Below is Ian Corrigan’s response to the very same quote from from MJF. You may have already read it, but it seems like it falls in line with the conclusions you’ve reached on your own:

    “If we take the above mythic pattern into personal magic, we might see the Druid bringing the Two Powers into herself, and their unification in her produce the Elements (duile) from which the Druid can shape a willed outcome.

    “Our most common willed outcome is to balance, rectify and empower the body and mind of the person doing the exercise. A basic ‘Two Powers Centering’ is focused on making the flows strong in the individual, and that should help to promote health and wisdom. But there is plenty of practical magic that can be done with the same principle.”

    Food for thought, no?

    I love what you’ve said. It resonates with me, writer to writer. Perhaps the “third power” is *both* the polished scene *and* the magical manifestation. What seems mundane or ordinary is always also sacred and mystical.

    Know what I mean?

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