Subtle Reminders

Two posts in one day! Shocking, I know. But I just had an experience I have to share.

I neglected both meditation and rituals this week, and I’m pretty sure my patron,¬†Manann√°n mac Lir, just chastised me for it. I frequently make an offering of incense to him, in part because it seems appropriate and in part because I like the reminder of his presence in my life.

Tonight, during my meditation time after making my offerings, the incense would not stay lit! Once I realized what was happening, I promptly apologized and made an additional offering of brandy to him.

The incense is now burning happily and filling my bedroom with its odor… and making me sneeze for the first time ever!

Okay, okay, I get the hint: I won’t neglect my devotionals again.

Meditation Week 6

I didn’t do so well on the meditation front this week. I skipped two days for no particular reason other than laziness. I’m going to try a new form of journaling in the coming week, writing an “entry” for my weekly post every day. I’ll only post once a week, but I think writing about it every day will hold me accountable and give me a more detailed (and useful) record of my mental discipline practice.

I spent most of last week focusing on the mundane manifestations of the two powers: this week I want to concentrate on the two powers in a more magical sense. Time to break out the handbook and articles on the ADF homepage… I’ll also be writing about specific meditation experiences, including what distracted me and what worked for me on a day-to-day basis.