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It’s that time of year again… And by “that time of year,” I mean moving time. Yes, we’ve moved once a year for the past four years. It’s exhausting. It’s not time to pack up my altar yet, but I’ve prepared a travel altar for when we’re moving, and I thought it was time to show you some photos of my current altar.

This is my current home altar, with the pieces of my portable altar scattered near the front. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple setup. On the left is the bowl that functions as my well, in the middle are my wands (the one on the left is from an apple tree, the one on the right from a poplar tree) standing in a glass of polished rocks, and on the right is my fire. There’s also an incense burner (usually used for offerings of incense) and the three votive candles I use as focuses for calling the Kindreds.

It’s pretty minimalist, I suppose. I don’t have any representations yet, although the glass has a dragon that looks more like a seahorse on it, so it does remind me of my patron. It’s on a blank north-facing wall (yipes, I know), and just to the right is a window looking out onto the square where we live. Underneath the altar is a notebook, spare incense, and space for me to keep tarot decks or offerings. My guitar is there because I’m trying to learn a couple ritual songs.

I bought most of the components for the portable altar from a Michael’s craft store for less than $5. There are two glass tealight holders, one for a well and one for an offering bowl. Since we’ll be in hotels, I bought an LED tealight rather than a real one. The tree is atiny “in vitro” cactus Drew bought me for Christmas. It’s a living cactus in a vial of nutrient fluid.  There’s  also a teeny tarot deck my mother bought me, which I’ll probably ditch  because it’s a novelty item that takes up space I could use for other things, and I generally carry a full-size, functional tarot deck in my purse. All of the pieces fit into a little green tin. Iplan to paste a prayer on the inside of the lid and line the bottom with a tiny altar cloth. It’ll fit pretty well in a glove compartment, and once I pack up my real altar I’ll use it until I get set up again.

So that’s that.


2 thoughts on “Altar Photos

  1. Oh.. do I understand what it is to lug your altar around with you! I think you’ve put together something really nice, and I hope it’s proven useful to you so far. I LOVE that you’re working out ritual songs on the guitar… perhaps you will start writing your own!

    May you be blessed in your daily practice, and may the bardic spirit move freely through you!

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