Spring Break

I’m taking a break from blogging, guys. I’ll probably post what I do for the equinox this weekend, and that will be it for awhile.

It’s starting to look like I’m not going to get through the DP in a year, and I’ve had enough setbacks recently that I need to take a little time off before I continue.

Blessings to those of you who read this, and happy Ostara! I’ll be back in April.


2 thoughts on “Spring Break

  1. Sorry about your setbacks. I’ve had the same problem, but at least I’ve seen from a lot of other people that taking more than a year on the DP is fairly common.

    Happy Ostara!

  2. You’re a gifted writer, and I feel blessed to have been welcomed into your journey through this blog. I will look forward to any and every post you write, and I hope that your hiatus is a rejuvenating time for you.

    May you be blessed!


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