Photos and Altar and Jewelry, Oh My!

Remember how I’ve expressed some dissatisfaction with my altar? Well, I’m in the process of fixing it. I’ve added some shelves above the little table to give myself some space for representations (when I get some) and my prayer books.

Major hugs to Altus, my fiancé, for hanging these shelves on a wall that turned out to be made of painted plywood.

You see there on the shelves the druidic artwork my mother sent me, and my wreath to wear on Beltane! We made these at our last grove meeting. I’m quite proud of mine… I think it’s pretty. The dark red poppy goes in front, with the ribbons in back (obviously). There’s a dragonfly on there too. We’ll wear these during the maypole, and possibly during the ritual itself.

Wow, looking at these photos, I realize they show the age of my digital camera. Yuck. It might be time to update. Just pretend you can see a lovely photo of my full altar, complete with shelves.

I’ve also set up a little mini-altar over my stove for Brigid and have set a black bear statue outside my door as a guardian of the threshold.

Even more fun? I’ve been making wrapped-wire Celtic jewelry. Here’s two-thirds of a triskele pendant, an unfinished silver ring, and a finished copper and green lapis ring. They’re super fun to make and quite wearable to boot. I also think I could make little silver triskeles or spirals to make for occasional offerings.

You can also see my bloody thumbnail there… Working with wire can be hazardous.

I do love it when my hobbies can dovetail with my spiritual life. It’s another form of integration of the mundane with the magickal, and that makes the hobby even more special.


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