A Gift from Athena

After a doctor visit this morning, I stopped by the local New Age shop to check it out.

The store is called Athena, and is a magpie’s nest full of rocks, minerals, and crystals, handmade purses, quality incense, drums, Buddha and Ganesh statues, and jewelry. In short, many things to delight girls who collect stones and use incense for offerings.

While I was choosing a stone and a pack of incense, I struck up a conversation with the employee working the register, asking him how long the store had been on the square, explaining that I’d just moved back to town and it hadn’t been there before. When I checked out, he told me to accept the bloodstone for free.

“A gift from Athena,” he said with a warm smile.

I think he meant the store, but I think it was also a gift from Athena herself. She is, after all, a goddess of justice.

You see, at the doctor’s office, the new receptionist tried to charge me only for my medication, and not the consultation with the doctor. I could have signed my credit card receipt, walked out the door and shorted the clinic $40. Instead, I corrected her and paid the full amount. (Though I like to think anyone in the situation would have done the same.)

I still intend to pay forward the price of my bloodstone when I get the opportunity, because who can accept a gift from a goddess without sending a thank you note? I’ll also dedicate the stone to Athena tonight during my devotionals, and it will remain on my altar as a permanent fixture to Her.


3 thoughts on “A Gift from Athena

  1. You’re so cool. I just read your post aloud to my husband. He thinks you’re cool, too.

    Thanks for sharing this story. I love the points where our ordinary lives put us in touch with the Gods.

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