It’s Called Sacrifice for a Reason

I learned an important—and very basic—lesson today, which came to me in the form of a *headdesk* moment.

After finishing my writing for the day, I came back from a run, showered, and started to work on dinner. In the midst of my busyness, I thought, “How am I ever going to squeeze in my full day of dedication to the Kindreds?”

Let me back up. I recently promised to the Kindreds a full day, 24 hours (or two 12-hour blocks—I’m flexible, and a girl’s gotta sleep), of dedicated service as a sacrifice. The whys and the context don’t matter today: the point is, I promised to spend those hours in meditation, contemplation, learning, and service.

But I’ve been putting it off. You see, if I do it on a weekday, I lose a full day of writing and a good seven hours of interaction with Altus. If I do it on a weekend, I lose a full day with Altus, plus whatever errands or fun activities we had planned.

Suddenly it hit me:  that’s what sacrifice is.

Forgive the juvenile word, but DUH. It’s called sacrifice for a reason, Kristin. You’re sacrificing the things you could do and the things you want to do for the things you should do and promised to do. Come on. You’re smart enough to understand that.

So, I’ll pick a day, and that’ll be the day, whether it’s convenient or not.


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