Summer Poetry Challenge

In my writing life, I’m an avid listener of Writing Excuses, a writing podcast by Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Howard Taylor. I love the podcast so much, I’d do (almost) anything these guys tell me to do.

Dan Wells has issued a Summer Poetry Challenge on his blog, “requiring”‘ participants to memorize one poem a week for the next 12 weeks–technically 11 weeks, since I’m a week late in joining in, but I’ll probably do 12 and wrap up a week late.

I love poetry, but I’m thinking this is a great Druidic exercise, too. How better to practice memorizing rituals, prayers, and poems than by actually doing it? I’m not a great memorizer, so this will be hard for me.

Any takers? I’m thinking Ceisiwr Smith’s A Book of Pagan Prayer and A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book might be good fodder for this challenge.

Now, to pick a poem…


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