On Fairies and Pain…

What’s the best remedy for pain? A project, of course.

Hence, fairy dolls.

I took the pattern from book by from the Wee Folk Studio and got the idea from a grove-friend who used the same book to make representations of her patrons. I, too, want to make representations, but I thought it best to start with some fairies for practice. I haven’t named this little lady yet, but I’m pretty pleased with how she turned out. She’s only three and a half inches tall, give or take an inch because of her overlarge wings… I think you can see a glue bottle in the background as a point of reference.

Making her, as I said, was a distraction. My grandmother is terminally ill and can no longer recognize any of us.

I had wondered how my pagan faith would sustain me through grief — my once-upon-a-time Christian faith didn’t survive another loss, but that’s a story for another day. And the answer to my wondering is this: I feel comfort. I feel faith. I feel sorrow, but I feel I can carry on.

And I did always say there were still fairies in the world.


One thought on “On Fairies and Pain…

  1. Sorry to read that your family is going through a difficult time. May Brighid send comfort and what healing is meant to be.

    The fairy doll is quite cute. I know I often turn to making dolls and plushies when I’m feeling stressed. It’s a type of active meditation, I guess.

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