Wow. At the suggestion of the lovely Grey Catsidhe in a comment on my last post, I did some specific meditation, offering, and divination directed at the Morrigan in my nightly ritual. Let me preface this by saying that I’ve never had such a clear reading from Ogham.

I asked…

What is it you want with or from me, with all these signs? I received Eadha, aspen. In my notes (from a variety of sources, including Skip Ellison’s book), I have written, among other things, the single keyword, ‘communication.’ In other words, “Duh. Listen up, moron.” (Not that I think the Morrigan necessarily talks like that.) I also have courage, mastering our fears.

What relationship do you seek with me? I received Nuin, ash. My notes suggest ancient knowledge, transformation, and relationship to a larger context. Events may be more important than they appear.

Um… if you don’t mind me asking… are you wanting to be my patron? I received Fearn, alder. Guidance. Protection. Good counsel. The presence of the gods.

Yipes. I’m pretty sure that’s a yes.

Believe me, I said okay and made some more offerings. This could be interesting.


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