Another Year in ADF

Hello, all! I thought I’d dust this blog off and give you a hello.

I never did a Yule write-up this year because… well… I did one last year! I’ve completed a full circuit of the year on the Dedicant Path. Pretty exciting, huh? Unfortunately, I’m way behind on completing my DP documentation. To that end, I’ve made myself a helpful schedule to get everything I haven’t finished done in the next four or five months.

Why four or five months? Why, because I had to start the meditation journal over again! (Sigh.) I was doing so well this summer, but after all of our family tragedies, it just slipped away. I started again at the end of November.

January is Virtues month. I’ll try to post the essays here as I write them, but I’ve been pretty busy blogging over on my professional website, so I’m not making any promises.

So wish me luck, all. I think I can do it. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold myself accountable to my schedule.

Here’s an interesting question: I have an opportunity to take an Irish Gaelic class this spring. This would be super fun, and it could potentially help with other study programs down the road. It is, however, a small financial investment, and I already have a lot on my plate in January and February with another class. Should I jump at the chance?


2 thoughts on “Another Year in ADF

  1. The thing to ask yourself is: is it a one-off chance, or will there be another opportunity?

    It sounds like you already have a fair bit on your plate, if possible why not postpone the course until you have the liberty of more free time? You’d probably enjoy it more that way.

    Just a thought. 🙂

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