Back to Basics

Well, the first week of the new (calendar) year is off to a great start. I got three virtues essays done, and I felt better about each successive one. Hopefully they’re close to what the reviewers are looking for. My meditation is going well, and I’m working my way through my hearth culture book.

I’m glad I’m finally getting over my inferiority feelings! I’m learning a lot, doing these essays, and I’ve found that the work is revitalizing my spiritual practice. I was so excited about the DP until I got nervous, so I’m glad to be regaining my excitement.

I’ve also signed up for Irish Gaelic! It turns out that another grove member and two friends-of-the-grove are taking it, too! The city may offer it again every season, but I won’t get another opportunity to take it with friends. I’m pleased. It’ll be nice to have a start toward pronouncing the names in the myths.

Finally, I’ve started studying more with my Ogham staves. I’ve been using them at almost every devotional to take a personal omen/message, and I find I’m starting to learn the woods by touch. (As in, this staff is straight and has smooth, fine-pebbled bark with a greenish tint. It’s my oak stave!) I have a copy of Skip Ellison’s book, I’ve ordered a copy of Stephen Blamires’s Celtic Tree Mysteries: Secrets of the Ogham, and I’m working a little with Ellen Evert Hopman’s A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine. Can any of you readers or passers-by recommend another good ogham resource?


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