As I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking Irish Gaelic.

Irish is a wild and crazy language.

Just for example, today I wrote definitively in my notes, “dh = silent.” With a star. But within thirty seconds, I had amended that to “dh = silent usually at end of word.” Because dh is usually silent, at the end of a word… except when it’s not.

All that French from my college minor rattling around in my brain is going to do me no good because Irish is completely and utterly different. Still, it’s a blast learning a new language. It’s good for my brain and it’s good for someday if/when I decide to pursue the Initiate Path.

So, here are a few fun facts:

Kristin is ainm dom. (My name is Kristin/Kristin is the name for me.)

Tá mé tuirseach or Tá tuirse orm. (I am tired/I have tiredness on me.)

Is aisti Detroit sí. (She is from Detroit. Actually I’m a little fuzzy on the translation there.)

Tá mé i mo chómaí i mBloomington. (I live in Bloomington/I am in my living in Bloomington.)

Those accents are called fada. So, for example, fada-a, fada-e, et cetera. Fada means long: they make the vowel long.

And, yup, you say mBloomington. If you’re from Denver, you say nDenver. gColorado. nGalveston. dToronto. But places that start with a vowel get no little letter.

Abair é aris gomall le do thoil. (Say it again slowly, please!)

Like I said, wild and crazy. Slán!


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