Pagans and the Press

Pagans and the Press Workshop, hosted by the Pagan Writers Community

…and taught by… yours truly!

I have to scurry off to my part-time other work in a minute, but I wanted to make my little announcement.

Pagans and the Press

Led by Kristin McFarland

Purpose/Topic: The purpose of this workshop will be to help Pagans interact with and participate in mainstream media. It will teach writers how to cover and present Pagan events for news media, how to present themselves to mainstream media, and how to use basic news-writing strategies and techniques for presenting their religion to the general public.

Cost: $20

Duration: Eight Weeks

Starting Date: July 1, 2012

The mainstream media are notorious for printing misrepresentations and misunderstandings of Pagan religions, but the solution to the problem begins with Pagans themselves. By learning to present ourselves with our best–and smartest–foot forward, we can help shape how the larger public understands us. Pagan writers hold even more power to change public perception because their words often represent their faiths to the rest of the world. The first half of this workshop will teach you the basics of newswriting and reporting, including how to write compelling coverage of events, what information to include when writing about events, and how to write a profile of a Pagan for public consumption. The second half will look beyond writing and teach you how to apply public relations techniques for promoting your religion.

I will facilitate the workshop by providing the materials and making myself available for questions via posts in the group or email and, if desired/possible, group chats. Although there will be “assignments,” there will be no deadlines. I will be happy to provide feedback on exercises, but I will not set due dates.

Weeks 1-3: Basic Newswriting

  • The Basics of Reporting
  • Writing for Newspapers and Magazines
  • Writing Profiles

Week 4-5: Covering Events

  • Strategies for Reporting on Events (How to Attend an Event as a Reporter)
  • Strategies for Writing about Events

Week 6-7: Promoting Your Religion

  • The Very Basics of Public Relations
  • What Information to Present and How to Present It

Week 8: Interacting with the Press

  • Interacting with Mainstream Reporters
  • Strategies for Answering Questions

Materials Provided: Worksheets with guided exercises for each topic.


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