Patio Pagan

I’ve been thinking a more appropriate title for this poor, neglected blog would be “Patio Pagan” these days. I’ve been frightfully busy and fighting off a sinus infection to boot, but I’ve been spending hours working on my patio garden.


It doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s coming along. My balcony faces south/southwest, so we get sun on it from about noon until sunset… perfect for growing some medicinal herbs and, yes, a tomato plant!

So what do you see there? Left to right it’s a tomato plant, my lilac bush (planted last year), basil, a tea rose given to me for my bridal shower, chives, lavender behind the chives, a window box with two types of mint, and another lavender. In the foreground you can see my “upcycled” planters made from cups delivered with pizza; the draining tray is an old kitty litter box. The cup-planters contain green onion, thyme, and (somehow–oops!) more lavender. The little box closest to the camera contains borage, hollyhocks, and violets sprouting from seeds. I still have chamomile to plant, and I’d like to get a few more herbs and vegetables.

I’ve gone a little nuts with it, but it’s really helping me connect with nature this spring. I can’t have a house anytime soon, so I’m trying very hard to bring nature in closer to me. I even find myself greeting each new sprout and just spending time with the plants. There’s not an altar out there, but the entire little garden is my altar to nature.

Now if only I could figure out how to hang a bird feeder…


2 thoughts on “Patio Pagan

  1. Love it! I’ll be posting photos of my patio garden as the threat of frost diminishes. Your lilac bush is lovely! I planted little wee lilacs last year and they’re still very tiny. I can’t wait until they’re that large!

  2. Very nice!

    Re: Birdfeeder
    I’d get a very large plastic pot of some kind. Even an old cat litter pail might do; you could always cover it with fabric or bamboo mat or something on the outside to make it look less ugly later. Put a big ole heaping bunch of rocks in the very bottom, a bunch of dirt on top of the rocks. Buy one of those crooks for hanging feeders from, jam it in the pot, make sure it’s stable, and hang feeder.

    If your birds are anything like the ones in my neighborhood, they’ll throw a lot of seed around and soon stuff will be volunteering in the pot below.

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