Druid Crafts

I’ve found that my Druid lifestyle has turned me into quite the craftswoman. (See what I did with the title, there? Druid Craft — haha?)

I’ve made deity-representations for my altar, tabards to wear in ritual, and accessories for a number of High Days. I’ve been making herbal salves and my own shampoo replacement, plus continuing with my normal jewelry-making and fabric crafts. Still, my pagan life has me branching out in what I’m crafting.

Most recently, I made this Green Man mask to wear for Beltane:


Why, yes, that’s me. I don’t normally look so freaky. The mask is far more impressive in person and when I’m not wearing my angry sushi t-shirt. When I put it on to show Altus, he said, “Wow! That’s really effective.” Apparently it’s  a little alarming in person because my eyes aren’t immediately visible.

And I’ve taken up soapstone carving, as well! You can see below a stone nature spirit necklace a friend made me (she’s ridiculously talented), the leaf I carved myself, and my nine virtues prayer beads.


The photo really does my poor leaf no justice. (The speckled one, not the green one.) I treated it with jojoba oil, and the stone turned a beautiful pale green, with brown mottling. Soapstone is remarkable both for its softness and its porousness: it picks up the oils from skin when worn as jewelry, and just about any oil you choose to use for polishing it. The oil brings out the colors and gives it a lustre, but the carved parts (like those around the little nature spirit) stay pale, giving a striking reverse-contrast. I still need to put my little oak leaf on a cord for wearing. I’m quite proud of it for a first effort–I made minimal mess, and didn’t cut myself once.

Anyway, I think the pagan lifestyle draws out my craft skills because each act of creation is a work of devotion. I honor Brighid when I’m crafting, and I honor the earth for providing me with the materials.

Plus, that Green Man mask is just cool.


One thought on “Druid Crafts

  1. So glad you are feeling spiritually inspired! I know my artistic practices really took flight when I embraced Druidism. I think our souls just needed a nudge in the right direction towards our muses. 🙂

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