Updates Galore

Did you know that “galore” comes from the Irish Gaelic go leor? It’s almost literally the same word.

So, updates! I finished reading Celtic Heritage, which means I’ve finished my Dedicant Path Reading. Hooray! Woohoo! To celebrate, I’m going to do more reading. 🙂 I ordered a copy of Carmina Gadelica to read in my (abundant, haha) spare time. I’m also about two weeks away from finishing my meditation journal, so that means I just need to actually write the documentation.

I”ve also organized a Druid Moon celebration with my grove. We meet on the sixth night of every moon to do an improvised ritual according to the COoR—though that’s already been derailed. Last night we cleansed a friend-of-the grove’s house rather than doing the Core Order, but I’m not complaining. I’ve just noticed in my DP documentation that I went from thinking memorization was best to thinking that speaking from the heart and a general plan was best, so my hope is that we’ll start to learn the Core Order well enough that we’ll feel confident enough to go through it without planning out every word.

Plus, I just can’t get enough.

Anyway, everyone was really excited to start, and we had a slightly different group of grove members for each ritual. I have hope that it will continue. We haven’t decided what to do for our next celebration, and I’ll be away on my honeymoon for the next one, but I said I’d be out celebrating every Druid Moon, and I’m holding to that — though I’ll be celebrating both the Summer Solstice and a Druid Moon as a solitary in Mexico!

In other news, I’m tentatively planning a musical offering for Beltane. If I do it, I’ll be singing in front of the entire grove and all our guests. Just the thought makes my heart pound. Though I’ve mostly overcome my stage-fright of speaking in front of others, singing is an entirely different animal. I took voice lessons for awhile in high school, but I’m still frightened of performing. The thought that it’s an offering alleviates the fear a little. Still — yikes! Anyone have any advice for overcoming those nerves? I even have trouble singing basic chants with the grove.

Finally, I’ll be attending a Beltane ritual at the local UU church this Saturday. I wanted the UU church and practices to work for me, especially since they have a pagan group, but it never really clicked. This is the first time I’m attending one of their pagan High Days. I believe their practice is Wicca-inspired, which I’m unfamiliar with, but one of our senior druids is their High Priest. It should be interesting.


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