Meditation Journal: COMPLETE

I sat down today to update my meditation journal and realized… it’s DONE. Five months have come and gone since I (re)restarted the silly thing, and it’s finally finished. Between the false starts and the derailment last summer, the silly thing is over 6,000 words long.

I won’t burden my reviewer with all of it, though. I’m not quite that cruel.

What a relief to have it done—but as many times as I said, “When I’m done, I’m never doing another $*&^ing meditating again!” I now realize that’s just not true. It’s actually come to be a part of my life: I meditate quietly before my altar when I’m too tired to do a ritual; I meditate by regulating my breath in situations of stress; I meditate before each and every ritual with my grove; I meditate because it takes me closer to the deities and spirits I love.

The meditation was much like the Nine Virtues essays. I complained about it, I dragged my feet, I gave up because I felt my work wasn’t good enough, but I kept trying again and, in the end, I did learn something from it.

I’m still going to celebrate this milestone, though. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Meditation Journal: COMPLETE

  1. Huzzah! And really – burden me with it! I don’t mind at all. The person you eventually send it to will have to read through it anyway. If you really don’t want to send it to me, just make sure your starting and ending times are obvious. That’s something that really catches people! It seems like such a little thing that people forget, but it’s very clear on the exit standards. 🙂

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