I’m a-Goin’ to Summer Camp!

Well, sort of. I’m really going to Summerland, the ADF gathering in Yellow Springs, OH, August 16-19.

This is my first ADF gathering… and, well, my first pagan gathering of any kind! Needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited. And also a little nervous.

Why nervous? Well, my husband can’t attend and there’s a fair chance no one else from my grove will be able to make it, so I won’t know anyone there but the priest who performed my wedding. And I’m… shy. Part of why I never actually went to summer camp (except Girl Scout Camp and one heinously boring stint at vacation bible school) is that I get really nervous and timid in a crowd of strangers.


Anyone I know from blog-land going to Summerland?

If so, can I pitch my tent by yours?


2 thoughts on “I’m a-Goin’ to Summer Camp!

  1. I wish I were! It sounds like a great time. Hopefully we can meet at a future festival! I know what you mean about being shy. Despite how talkative I seem on my blog, I’m quite introverted! It’s hard to get acquainted with new people in real life – especially when they come as a grove. Groves can sometimes seem like a clique until you get to know people. But really, everyone should be very friendly! I think you’ll have fun and learn a lot!

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