Oath Rite — Completed

Well, I’m all oathed. The rite went beautifully, I’m pleased with the oath I wrote, and the omens I received were fantastic. I am, in short, elated. I still have to do my official evaluation, but I think I’ll be submitting my DP work on Monday!

For now, though, I’m going to celebrate by exploring my oath-gift to myself, a copy of The Celtic World, edited by Miranda J. Green. Incidentally, it’s almost heavy enough to use for weightlifting–two gifts in one?

I have some very exciting things planned for the near future, but I think I’m going to spend some time basking in my success and beefing up my Dedicant practices. I’ve had a rough few months, practice-wise, and I need to get back to basics. I’d like to develop a true daily devotional, internalize some common ritual phrases, practice my divination skills, and work on getting over my singing-in-public phobia. I also have some in-depth blog posts planned, and I think I’d like to try publishing something in Oak Leaves.

That seems like a lot of rest-period goals, doesn’t it? Still—I can’t wait.


One thought on “Oath Rite — Completed

  1. The Initiate Study Program, even though I’ve been slow to write my essays, has really helped me to develop my daily practices. There’s always room for improvement, and some months are more disciplined than others, but I highly recommend you look into it!

    Great work!

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