Conversations from a Mixed Household

My husband and I are working through the ongoing process of balancing a ‘mixed marriage’ lifestyle. It’s something I’d like to write about extensively, and I’m tentatively planning on pitching an article to a ‘real’ publication. That said, I’m not an expert, but I am very lucky to have a supportive spouse. Most of our arguments are touched with humor. The following is an excerpt from a real Google Chat conversation…

so, but we’re agreed that we tell the children nothing of your heathen ways and raise them as rigid secular humanists?

what’s a rigid secular humanist?
and what if they want to celebrate yule and imbolc?
imbolc is fun, you leave stuff outside to get blessed, and then you eat bread and butter. or cheese.

you’re going to raise them to believe in fairies aren’t you

“if you don’t clean your room, the bad fairies will live in it and hide your toys! bad fairies love a messy room!”

you get to field the 2am ‘The bad faries are trying to steal my liver’ or whatever then



There you have it. All things are possible, with just a little laughter.


One thought on “Conversations from a Mixed Household

  1. LOL You guys sound like my husband and I. He’s kind of a… mildly theist agnostic. He’s become much more involved in Druidism, though, in that he comes to every high day rite with me, participates in many of the crafts and traditional activities, and even joined ADF as a show of support. He still likes to tease me about fairies and “mystical wizard music.” He jokes that if he doesn’t put his foot down, I’ll name our first born “Merlin the Magnificent” or “Rainbow Stardust.”

    Although there are times I wish he’d be a little more into it, I love him and am thankful for his more… down to Earth perspective. He keeps me grounded.

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