Gender Politics in Worship?

As part of my efforts to shake up my home practice, my husband is creating a random deity “generator” for me, a program that will email to me a specific deity or entity to honor during my nightly ritual. The list of deities comes from me, of course, and tonight I sat down to make it.

I listed all the deities I’ve worked with and felt connected to, as well as all those I’d like to get to know better. I put a lot of thought and care into those Beings I’d like to draw closer to my hearth. But as I began to glance back over my list, I realized that it’s pretty lady-heavy.

Am I, as a woman, inclined to worship goddesses rather than goddesses? Have I connected with them because of our shared femininity? Do I feel more comfortable praying to a Being who has, on some oddly-perceived level, more in common with me? Am I (I say this in a whisper) sexist?

What an interesting and alarming thought. I’ll be exploring this a bit more in the coming weeks.

How about you? Are you more inclined to worship a deity that shares your gender identity?


2 thoughts on “Gender Politics in Worship?

  1. I’m pretty even, actually. Brighid has remained a pretty consistent presence in my life. Cailleach is fairly new but has continued to intrigue and whisper to me for the last couple years. An Dagda has also been important to me, but I feel him taking a step back. That said, he is still a huge part of my practice and I always pray and thank him for abundance. Recently, Manannan Mac Lir is becoming a force in my life. He comes and goes, but living so close to several rivers and studying magic and Druidism seems to bring him out!

    I don’t think you should let it bother you. You are called to work with/worship/honor who you are called to! Perhaps you are more comfortable working with Goddesses – but is that a bad thing? You aren’t actively trying to avoid the Gods. I’m sure you’re open to them – but perhaps that is not what you need at the moment!

  2. What a great idea your deity generator is! As someone who is still relatively new (I’ve studied eclectically on and off for about a year, but really decided fairly recently to dedicate myself more seriously), one of the things I’ve struggled with is finding a hearth. You “generator” seems like a gentle way of forging a relationship and just letting is happen rather than fretting so much over it as I am prone to do.

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