The ongoing experiences, thoughts, and essays of a 20-something solitary druid in the Ár nDraíocht Féin tradition.

I’m a priest-in-training and the current organizer of the Solitary Druid Fellowship. Here you can find musings on my practice, scholarly essays, and excerpts of my study program work from ADF. Please check out my Dedicant Path documentation to get a sense of what ADF is and who I am.

If you’re an ADF member and I don’t have your blog listed in my links, leave me a note and I’ll be sure to add you.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I was looking at ADF’s list of completed DP submissions and yours got my attention. I’m not sure there’s much in my own blog to offer yet (I just started it), but would you mind listing mine? I’ll happily link to yours.

  2. I have one more question–I’m sorry to keep pestering you; I promised myself I’d be more confident in my approach to personal religion and stop so timidly seeking others’ suggestions, but on this one, I’m stumped: I need suggestions on what to do with food offerings after the offering is completed, as it were. My first and favorite thought was to use the remains from food offerings in compost, but I’m not sure how practical this will be. I don’t have a garden (not allowed in my housing complex), and I’m disinclined to bury the food contents in my small yard, because not only do I have a dog, but I don’t want to possibly attract unwelcome vermin into the area. I’ve considered keeping the remains in a stainless steel pail (per the sort sold on Amazon to keep food scraps intended for compost) and periodically taking the contents to a local trail where I walk my dog, and burying it there, but I’m not sure this is a appropriate, either, especially since where I live the ground is frozen rock-solid more months than not. I’m thinking it might be an idea to get one of those indoor composters designed for apartments and periodically donating the finished product to the people who run the community garden, but even this is a purely seasonal solution only available about three or four months out of the year. Simply tossing the food offerings in the trash seems hugely inappropriate, but the compost option doesn’t seem very practical given my small apartment, lack of garden, and the need to not annoy the neighbors or housing authority.

    Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

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