Help for the Lost

Readers, I know very few of you who visit this blog live in or anywhere near southern Indiana.

However, the internet has made a global community out of us: Druid, Pagan, Christian, or simple passer-by, we’re all drawn together by virtue of the written word. You are hearing my voice through the back-lit black text before you. I am a real person, and I am asking for real help.

A 20-year-old Indiana University student named Lauren Spierer has been missing for a week now, and local police seem to have no tangible leads.  You may have no tips for the authorities, but you do have a voice. Tweet #FindLauren, repost this blog post, or visit our university news site or another localless local, or national news site to learn how else you can help.

We’ve all been a friend, a parent, or a sibling, and we all know what it means to feel fear. Please help. Say a prayer, light a candle, do whatever feels right and best to you, but please help.

Meditation Week 9

I actually have been meditating again (yay!), though I’m skipping the two powers this week and trying something new.

Instead of active, visualization meditation, I’m trying passive, receptive meditation. Every night, before I go to sleep, I sit completely quietly in my bed, and I invite the Kindreds to come to me, if they will, and speak to me on their own terms.

I haven’t heard a concrete message yet, but I know they’re there. I can feel their presence. I will keep listening.