Show and Tell

In conversation with Teo Bishop, I’ve realized how lonely a digital-only community is. Yes, I have a grove here now, but I’m not a full member and don’t know them very well, and–as yet–I still feel more connected to many of my online friends than to the grove members.

This post is the first of a new category I’m calling Show and Tell. These posts will be to provide little real-world glimpses into my life and practice. Feel free to join me–in fact, please do!


Today’s photo is of the unaltered stack of books and my work notebook on my coffee-table. Because  I don’t have a desk, I work from my couch, so the coffee table tends to get stacked with everything I’m using. Also in the photo are my new Oghams! I ordered them from an Etsy seller in the UK, who made each stave from the wood the rune represents. I’m new to Ogham, and have a book on the way to start learning.

5 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. My husband has a laptop and uses the coffee table as a desk. It’s messy all the time!

    Nice ogham!

    Also, I’ve read “The Druidry Handbook” but not “A Druid’s Herbal.” How is that?

  2. Oh, and I also want to add that it took me a couple years to feel close to my grove mates, in part because we only meet for the high days so there was no in-between socializing. Be patient. 🙂

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